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This new book captivates students and holds their attention through the careful selection of principal cases. It keeps the best of the classic/vintage opinions familiar to professors and adds contemporary disputes that students readily grasp, involving such figures as 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, and Dan Rather. The opinions are sculpted to ensure robust discussion—from formation involving the heavy metal band Megadeth to mistake arising out of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

Cases are animated and students challenged with engaging and fun problems and examples based on actual cases better narrated than excerpted. Ethical issues and transaction planning and drafting are among the topics raised. Notes and questions follow cases to prepare students for class discussion, and all relevant Restatement and UCC materials are presented for convenient reference.

A complete Teachers’ Manual contains briefs for every case, analysis of the problems and examples, and thoughts on all notes and questions. PowerPoint slides are available to enliven cases as well as present textual selections, so that classroom presentation is “plug-and-play.” Contact the authors to access the available PowerPoint slides.

Imprint: West Academic Publishing
Series: American Casebook Series
Publication Date: 04/06/2018

Lawrence A. Cunningham, George Washington University

Miriam A. Cherry, St. Louis University


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“This text is terrific. Foundational contract decisions are presented in connection with contemporary opinions so the students can see how older common law decisions have enduring relevance to modern commercial disputes. The text is particularly helpful in illustrating how the common law develops. It is an ideal book to use for first semester law students.”
—Deborah R. Gerhardt, Associate Professor, UNC School of Law

”Students love this casebook! The smart selection of cases reminds readers that contract law is deeply rooted in stories. Whether it is two elderly sisters feuding over a winning lottery ticket, or a sophisticated commercial dispute between corporations, the selected cases deeply engage students. This is a casebook for contemporary times. Old favorites are here (carbolic smoke balls and hairy hands), as well as new cases involving popular culture. (Did Paris Hilton break a promise to promote a film? Did Maya Angelou agree to license her works for use in greeting cards?) The cases address both the UCC and common law, and range from the small-scale (a contract to sell a food truck business) to the large (a city seeking to enforce an alleged promise by GM not to move an automotive factory). The scope and variety of contracts is thoroughly satisfying and guaranteed to generate lively class discussion.”
—Lenora Ledwon, J.D., Ph.D., Law and Literature: Text and Theory; co-editor of Law and Popular Culture: Texts, Notes and Questions
Professor of Law, St. Thomas University School of Law

Contracts: A Real World Casebook is a triumph. Combining interesting cases that captivate students’ attention, clear and concise descriptions of the doctrinal components of Common Law Contracts, and policy questions designed to spur students to think about contracts problems as they appear in everyday life, this book has been a delightful tool for introducing one of the most complex subjects in the first year curriculum to new law students. What I like best about Cunningham and Cherry’s casebook is it gives professors multiple cases and resources from different perspectives to help law students understand the multiplicity of perspectives that contracts can be approached through. The notes section and the teachers’ manual as well offer helpful guidance for structuring discussion in a way that keeps the class interesting to new students and demonstrates the inherent tension in play in the Contracts course. Highly recommended!”
— Marc L. Roark, Visiting Professor of Law, Southern University Law Center