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The Fourteenth Edition continues to include all the material required to master the essential issues that arise in both state and federal criminal cases. The book’s comprehensive coverage of constitutional, statutory, and ethical rules regulating the criminal process has made it one of the few textbooks that students over the years have opted to keep as a reference for their work as prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judicial clerks. The new edition also continues the custom of incorporating the most thoughtful and provocative commentary available. The authors bring together the latest statistics, relevant legislative trends, and insightful policy and scholarly debates, facilitating critical analysis of the process and its potential reforms. This unique and always up to date framing of the issues has made the book the nation’s premier text for teaching criminal procedure year after year.

Imprint: West Academic Publishing
Series: American Casebook Series
Publication Date: 05/22/2015


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The Fourteenth Edition is more than an integration of the annual revisions in the Supplements. The authors have revised each chapter to include the most important recent developments without increasing the overall length of the book. For example:

  • The chapter on Arrest, Search, and Seizure now contains a discussion of the status of “implied consent” DUI statutes in the post-McNeely era.
  • The chapter on Police Interrogations and Confessions includes extracts from the findings of the Senate Select Committee Study of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program (2014).
  • The chapter on Pre-trial Identification Procedures includes a discussion of the recent recommendations made by the National Academy of Sciences to improve eyewitness identification procedures.
  • The chapter on the Scope of the Exclusionary Rules includes expanded treatment of the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine as well as updates about standing to challenge the admission of evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments.
  • The chapter on The Criminal Trial includes expanded coverage of the right to confront witnesses, referencing recent commentary.
  • The chapter on Sentencing includes references to recent scholarship and the new MPC Sentencing, placing sentencing procedure in its policy context.

Throughout, users will find updated and improved cases, notes, questions, and explanatory material. For instance, the chapter on Arrest, Search, and Seizure alone references more than one hundred new cases and commentary in its examination of contemporary enforcement. Additionally, the Fourteenth Edition incorporates changes to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure that went into effect in December 2014.

A new online teacher’s manual complete with sample syllabi will also be available, with suggestions for adapting readings to courses of varying scope.

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