Contract Law: An Integrated Approach (Doctrine and Practice Series) conveys traditional contract doctrine in a user-friendly format designed to reach 21st century students. Its integrated online and hard-copy elements provide a sophisticated interactive educational experience that professors can administer even in large classes. Each new topic starts with a short 5-minute video that gives students a “mind map” or “scaffold” for the upcoming material. Short quizzes in the videos and at the end of each chapter provide online formative assessments of ascending difficulty. The hard-copy text poses questions before and after each case to direct attention to core issues and stimulate deeper thinking, and also features text boxes to define crucial legal terms or provide cross-references. Both hard-copy and online materials are presented in a visually compelling format to keep students engaged. The balance of time-tested classic cases and recent opinions provides relevant fact situations and also illustrates the continuing relevance of venerable doctrines in new contexts such as online adhesion contracts.

Other innovative features of the book include:

  • Multiple formative exercises
    • Problem sets to apply doctrine and introduce drafting terms, concepts & techniques
    • Embedded quizzes in online introductory videos
    • End-of-chapter bar exam style multiple-choice quizzes
  • Experiential elements such as practice-pointer text boxes
  • Images throughout the text that emphasize doctrines’ real-life implications
  • Inclusivity through gender and racially diverse photos of judges, avatars in videos, and pronoun use in hypotheticals

View a sample video from the book here.

A podcast, Rethinking Legal Education, is also available. Author Martha Ertman discusses legal education, how it’s different from other disciplines, and how it’s evolving. Martha also talks about changes she's made to her teaching, based on new understandings and epiphanies she’s had about today’s generation of learners. Martha also explains the 5-minute animated videos that are integrated into the book and on, as well as the 10-20 minute DIY videos that she made to substitute for the short lectures that she ordinarily gives at the beginning of each live class.

The 29 DIY lecture videos are available to current and potential casebook adopters. In addition, PowerPoint slides, scripts, and true/false quizzes are available, which professors could use to make similar videos for their own students. Grading materials, sample syllabi, and supplemental cases are also available. These additional teaching materials will be updated on an ongoing basis, and can be accessed here . Contact the Authors for login access for the additional teaching materials.

This title includes a Teacher's Manual with detailed answers to problems and tips on integrating online and hard-copy elements of the book. It also offers diagrams and other materials to aid professors to best present materials to students.

This title utilizes the CasebookPlus™ platform. Anchored by faculty-authored formative self-assessments, CasebookPlus allows students to test their understanding of core concepts as they are learning them in class with quizzes keyed to each chapter, subject area review quizzes, and helpful explanations. Learn more at

Imprint: Foundation Press
Series: Doctrine and Practice Series
Publication Date: 02/27/2020

Martha M. Ertman, University of Maryland School of Law

William K. Sjostrom Jr., University of Arizona College of Law

Debora L. Threedy, University of Utah College of Law


This title is available in our CasebookPlus format. CasebookPlus provides support beyond your classroom lectures and materials by offering additional digital resources to you and your students. Anchored by faculty-authored formative self-assessments keyed to our most popular casebooks, CasebookPlus allows students to test their understanding of core concepts as they are learning them in class – on their own, outside of the classroom, with no extra work on your part. CasebookPlus combines three important elements:

  • A new print or digital casebook
  • Access to a downloadable eBook with the ability to highlight and add notes
  • 12-month access to a digital Learning Library complete with:
Multiple-choice self-assessment questions, including:
  • Chapter questions keyed to the casebook
  • Black Letter Law questions (available in select subjects)
  • Subject area review questions for end of semester use
Essay and short answer questions with sample answers and expert commentary, in 1L and select upper-level subjects

Leading digital study aids, an outline starter, and audio lectures in select subjects

Students can still utilize CasebookPlus digital resources if they've purchased a used book or are renting their text by purchasing the Learning Library at

With CasebookPlus, you can customize your students' learning experience and monitor their performance. The quiz editor allows you to create your own custom quiz set, suppress specific quiz questions or quiz sets, and time-release quiz questions. Additionally, the flexible, customized reporting capability helps you evaluate your students' understanding of the material and can also help your school demonstrate compliance with the new ABA Assessment and Learning Outcomes standards. Learn more about the reporting available to you from your Account Manager or view the course set-up instructions to get started.

Teacher's Manual


A message from the authors

Sample Lecture Videos and Quizzes

Additional teaching materials are available to current and potential casebook adopters. The materials include PowerPoint slides, grading materials, lecture videos, sample syllabi, supplemental cases, and quizzes. The teaching materials will be updated on an ongoing basis, and can be accessed here . Contact the Authors for login access for the additional teaching materials.

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“I cannot emphasize enough how great I think the book is and how students have really taken to it. I've never received positive feedback about a book except occasionally in course evaluations, but this year I have already had several students seek me out to tell me they love the clarity of the presentation and the online materials.”
—Robert Garda, Fanny Edith Winn Distinguished Professor, Loyola University New Orleans College of Law