Negotiating and Drafting Sports Venue Agreements (2nd Edition) is an engaging teaching tool for instructors wanting to teach the "best negotiating and drafting practices" for students who want to learn how to draft sports venue-related agreements. It does so by providing immersive exercises illustrating how to negotiate and draft the key clauses of each of these agreements and by creating a unique Hypothetical negotiation at the end of each chapter. The book is a “must have” for any sports law practitioner wanting to learn more about these state-of-the art sports venue drafting practices.

Beginning with the drafting of the seminal lease agreement, the book leads the reader, in seriatim fashion, through a series of "best practices" negotiating and drafting techniques for every major sports venue-related agreement including: naming rights agreements; presenting sponsorship agreements; media rights and concessions agreements; agreements with state-operated entities; and the newest addition – sports franchise asset purchase agreements; etc.

Hypothetical, immersive negotiating/drafting exercises are included in each chapter, with exemplary assignments available in the Teachers Manual of this 2nd Edition. Also included in this New Edition are "exemplar" form agreements, as well as an introductory chapter on the standard terms and conditions found in virtually any sports venue agreements.

The new edition further adds a series of study guides delving into the key clauses of each of these agreements, so that the reader will have the knowledge necessary to negotiate and draft each of the agreements covered throughout the book.

In particular, this 2nd Edition includes detailed exploration of non-traditional revenue agreements, such as sports venue concert agreements and celebrity softball game agreements (such new agreement examples are included in the Teachers Manual), so that year-round revenues of a facility or venue can be maximized for the sports venue owner, operator and counsel.

Negotiating and Drafting Sports Venue Agreements is the third in a series of sports law books written by Professor Carfagna, who is the former Chief Legal Officer at IMG and who has been a Visiting Lecturer on Sports Law at Harvard Law School since 2006. His other two books, also published by West Academic Publishing, have already been published in 2nd Editions: The Legal Evolution of America's Three “Major Leagues” and Representing the Professional Athlete.

This 2nd Edition of Professor Carfagna's Negotiating can now be used in tandem with his most recent West Academic publication to create a core Sports Law Curriculum that covers virtually all aspects of sports law—including in this most recent 2nd Edition the unique negotiating and drafting practices necessary to succeed as a full-service sports lawyer.

Imprint: West Academic Publishing
Series: Coursebook
Publication Date: 05/17/2016
Related Subject(s): Legal Drafting

Peter A. Carfagna, University of Miami School of Law


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