Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

West Academic Disability Student/Faculty Requests

Q: How do I upload my Book Purchase Verification receipt?
A: Scan or photograph your receipt and save it in one of the following common file formats: .PDF, .PNG, .DOC, .DOCX, .BMP, or .GIF. When you fill out the disability request form, upload the file in the appropriate section of the form. If you have multiple receipts, submit them as a single file.
Q: How long does it take for my request to be processed?
A: Requests usually take approximately 15 business days to be processed, but in the peak times of the school year the processing time may be longer. Please submit your request as early as possible before the start of the semester.
Q: Do I need to submit proof of purchase for the hardcopy of the textbook?
A: Yes. In order to ensure that our copyright is protected, West Academic requires that you submit a copy of the original bookstore receipt or provide a order ID with the disability request form. Upon submission of proof of purchase through your Disability Office, we can issue you a code that will provide you with access to an e-copy of your purchased work. We provide our eReader service content in EPUB format, which should meet accessibility requirements.
Q: Do you offer audio recordings of your casebooks or supplements?
A: At this time West Academic is unable to offer audio recordings of our materials.
Q: When I enter an address, should I use the student's home address or the school's address?
A: West Academic will email the content to the Disability Coordinator to distribute to your students. Please use the school's address. If you need to track the materials, we recommend you use the Student's Name c/o Your Name, so it does not get lost in your mail system.
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